Meet the team

We don’t employ sales people, we employ Brand Champions who have a passion for delivering Customer Service excellence. Their objective is to offer you the best possible car buying experience. Our knowledgeable and passionate Brand Champions are here to support you. They will deliver your personalised Test Drive experience, share their passion for our exciting range of cars and be able to answer any questions that you may have on the new Mazda range.

Our team

I’m an avid cook and would love to show off my skills on the Great British Bake Off

Ash Eastway

I speak 3 languages, take part in amateur dramatics, and practice perfecting my golf game

Jeff Darkoh

I speak 4 languages, and like reading, spending time with family and friends, and playing sports

Silviu Giorgi

I’m a comic book geek, avid sports fan, and love music, history and culture

Dominic Lawe

I’m a committed Sunday school teacher, enjoy travelling, jogging and going to the cinema

Dorothy Ayonmike

I speak 2 languages, and have a keen interest in history, philosophy and spirituality

Yaqub Begh

Recruited for standing out from the crowd and offering exemplary Customer Service – put our Brand Champions to the test now!